Al Saralis has been a professional artist since graduating from Newport in 1978 with an Honours degree in Fine Art.
Since his early life drawing sessions at art college, the human figure has always been Al's main source of inspiration.  His fascination with form, structure and movement of figures is a constant throughout his paintings and continues to be central to Al's work today.  His paintings are usually composed of just a single figure which is stripped of any narrative reference which might distract the viewer.  Over the years Al's painting style has moved from semi abstract to a more traditional form of painting which can be seen in the images in the online gallery below.

'I use a restricted number of models to try and achieve my aim, which is to create something that is beautiful as well as interesting, contemporary as well as classical; something timeless which is stripped of any narrative. '

‘As an artist, one is forever making decisions, re-considering directions and reflecting on one's work as part of the creative process. I have always been interested in the classical beauty of Renaissance painting, and this alongside my fascination with the human form has led my work to develop to where it is now.  In the Renaissance, the Golden Triangle was a popular form of geometric measurement and was used in many compositions of the Virgin and Child.  This form of measuring derives from the Golden Rectangle which is a device for creating the 'perfect' composition.  In Golden triangle 1 and 2, I have simply used this idea of a triangle within the composition of the painting as I like the aesthetic contrast of the straight lines of the geometric shape in the background against the curves of the human form.'
                        - Al Saralis

To see a catalogue of Al's work, please click HERE