Alan Brain discovered painting about twelve
years ago when he attended a water colouring
class with some friends.
It led to a change of direction that he has never regretted. Today, his unique style, combined with spiritual awareness, produces works of unusual vibrancy and colour.

As a former pilot and constant flyer, the immensity of the heavens with its changing moods has fascinated Alan.

It features in many of his paintings where he manages to capture the vastness and mysteriousness of space.

His early years in Japan may have enhanced his bold view of landscapes and skies. You can see in his work the influence of the wonderful open spaces he has found in regular visits to Wales, Arizona, New Mexico and Africa.

Alan exhibits several times a year in and around his home in Chobham, Surrey.

His work has been accepted for several prestigious
exhibitions in London including the Guild of Aviation Artists and the Society of Marine Artists.