Great Fosters is a rare experience! 


A luxury hotel, that combines genuine historical acclaim with a gracious setting, modern amenities, discreet service and a love of art to share with its guests.


A collection of some fine pieces of furniture and antiques has developed over the years. However, Great Fosters aim for both their permanent and temporary exhibitions to keep pace with the 21st Century and were keen to establish an eclectic mix of new works in a traditional setting. The concept of having art not just as wallpaper but to spark interest and conversation among guests was the inspiration behind their thinking.

           “From the painting of established Royal Academy artist, Philip Sutton, to the striking outdoor sculptures of Rick Kirby, we strive to provide a diversity of styles and mediums with the belief that each generation has a duty to challenge our view of art.  As such, we choose to present works from practicing artists who represent some of today’s contemporary styles.”


                                                                                         Andrew Sutcliffe

                                                                                         Chairman, Great Fosters

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