DIONNE SWIFT's engaging and innovative work commands huge respect. Her great skill and extensive knowledge of her materials, techniques and processes are leading to exciting synergies.

Dionne studied Embroidery at Goldsmiths College, followed by a Masters at the University of Central England. Dionne is an experienced artist and produces creative textiles, translating her vision of the world into cloth by printing, dying and stitching. She loves nothing more than to take a long walk, starting from her Yorkshire based studio the stunning surroundings offer endless inspirations. Dionne then makes drawings and sketches capturing the moods, colours and changing shapes  around her.

These are energetically translated sewing directly onto the canvas or into the drawings, the mark making is fast and furious, the vibrant threads or moody subtlety of colours creates a lasting visual memory of her surroundings. Dionne delights in the discovery of new approaches and techniques and has a new body of work which explores the interaction of print making and textiles, developing a collection of calligraphic prints on dense felt with hand stitched details and embellishments.