Esmond Holden has produced some stunning photographic images of our Farnham Locality.
Locally based, having grown up in Fleet, Esmond left for London at the age of 19 and later moved to the West Country where he eventually became a journalist for the BBC in Bristol.  It was during this time, whilst working with some of the best cameramen and women in the business, that Esmond developed his strong visual sense.

Seven years ago he bought his first 'proper' SLR camera and it was a revelation.  He taught himself the many different aspects of photography and found that when he got a photograph spot on, it gave him as much buzz as doing any live broadcast.
When he moved back to Farnham a number of years ago, he temporarily rented some space on Castle Street to display his work where he received immense support, particularly for his local photographs. he then exhibited with Life - the Gallery and reached another audience for his work.

In talking about his work, Esmond explains, 'I like making the familiar a little unfamiliar.  We normally see things in a set light, at a a set height, and from a particular vantage point.  This is why I like experimenting with night and snow, low and high viewpoints, and mixing black and white with colour; you know these places, but not quite how you think you know them.'