jane wachman is a printer and painter based at wimbledon art studios

Prior to studying for her Fine Art degree at London Metropolitan University, Jane worked in the fashion industry.  Working with a variety of luxury fabrics ignited Jane’s passion for colour and texture which have become integral in the creation of her paintings and prints.

Jane finds inspiration in her regular visits each year to the Ring of Beare on the West Coast of Ireland.  Its rugged coastlines and the structural shapes within the landscape help to form her ideas.

A city girl at heart, Jane loves the hustle and bustle of London where she has lived for many years. For Jane the act of painting is a continuous process always changing like the city, constantly taking away to create something new.  This is an aspect of key importance in her work and what she considers representational of our disposable society.


Jane has exhibited her work in venues across London including Royal Opera Arcade Gallery,  Mall Galleries,  Royal College of Art, and Chelsea Town Hall with Chelsea Arts Society.  She will be exhibiting with Life - the Gallery in The Estate Grill restaurant at Great Fosters in February, 2014.