John Farnham was Born and brought up in a remote area of Hertfordshire, a region which he loves and in which he still lives and works today

John has spent the much of his working life travelling and researching art and techniques across the world.  Inspiration from his travels can be found throughout his sculptures, from modern and ancient cultures across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Growing up next door to formidable British artist Henry Moore, it would perhaps have been surprising if an impressionable and inquisitive young boy, such as John, had not been interested in all the comings and goings in Moore's garden. 

Years later, after a lengthy apprenticeship that included all aspects of sculpture from building armatures and making enlargements to patinating every size of bronze cast, Moore became to rely upon John to carry out the checking of his sculpture.

John works in many mediums including bronze, steel, alabaster, marble, soapstone and limestone.  He started casting in bronze in the 60's in London when his sculptures would be solid casts and only produced in editions of seven.  John now chooses to have his bronzes cast by specialist foundries, which gives him more time for carving and working on his ideas.

Hugely passionate about carving in stone, John never plans the outcome of his piece; it is usually the nature of the stone, its features, colour, and veins that dictate the final outcome.  By not using electrical tools, his carving is a slow process but in some ways that is part of the attraction as he does now know what he will end up with a few weeks down the line.