Mark Demsteader is one of the UK's most exciting figurative artists.
Born in Manchester in 1963, Mark gained his art foundation at Rochdale College and Oldham College, but is largely self taught having spent many years taking life drawing classes and developing a unique style through close observation of the human form.

In recent years Mark's reputation has flourished, such that he has become one of the most popular figurative artists working in Britain today. His powerful depictions of the female form in clean and assured lines of pastel and gouache have sparked a renaissance of interest in traditional life drawing amongst the art collecting fraternity. This immense technical ability is tempered by the natural sensitivity with which he imbues each subject.
Although isolated in the picture plane, each model seems to live and breathe; their expression and poise conveys a sense of narrative that invites the viewer to ask more questions than the artist answers.

Our sister gallery, Life, Amsterdam, hosted Mark's Dutch Debut exhibition in May 2013, increasing his audience across Europe. For a digital catalogue of the Dutch exhibition, please click here.