MICHAEL PRINSEP IS AN ESTABLISHED ARTIST and founder of SUrrey ARts Charity, creative response.
Michael Prinsep is the founding artist of two independant arts-related organisations: The Artventure Trust 1986, and Creative Response (Arts) Ltd. 1993, the latter of which he is the current CEO.

He has work in private collections around the world including in the UK, France, Australia, and the USA, and is currently an Associate of Penwith Society of Artists, St Ives, Cornwall.
'The constant submerging, revealing and reflective power of the sea, gives me access to an energy; a zest to paint.  All seasons, all weathers, on canvas or incised panels with oils.

The sea and tidal estuaries are my lifelong playground, an endless source to abstract and represent.  The paintings are mostly set in, The Isles of Scilly, Pagham Harbour West Sussex and West Penwith.
' - Michael Prinsep