Paul Lemmon works from his own photography acquired whilst soaking up the culture and colour of city life.   
His energetic technique – painting very rapidly with vigorous strokes of oil paint in vivid hues – embodies the immediacy and spontaneity of his subject. Characterised by eccentric angles and ruthless cropping, his paintings reverberate with a seductive, cinematic urgency.

Paul’s subject matter is inspired in part by the work of photographer William Eggleston and his ‘snap-shot aesthetic’. This influence brings a distinctive voyeuristic impression to the celebration of bar culture and modern leisure time in Paul’s work, reflecting, perhaps, the media’s infatuation with the hidden camera and fly-on-the-wall scrutiny.
“What interests me most,” he asserts, “is conveying atmosphere and mood rather than individual people or locations. I want the viewer to feel immersed in my paintings, as though they are actually there, imagining their own characters and narratives.”