Rachel Tighe is an emerging Artist based in Birmingham.
SInce graduating from University with a First Class Degree in Fine Art in 2008 ashe has focussed on developing her artistic process and creating new work.

Rachel currently rents her own studio in Tamworth where she stretches her own canvases and works to produce interesting and evolving art. She is working towards becoming an established Artist by showcasing her work in Galleries and shops.  Her subject matter focuses on drawing street scenes and cityscapes, in order to do this she has travelled to many places for inspiration and to keep variety in the Architecture within her work; this has taken her to places such as Canada, Barcelona, Venice and London.
Rachel captures life and the architecture around us through the fast paced marks she makes on paper. She then develops these images onto canvas and "the illogical representations begin to take form and create naïve paintings which are full of movement and life”. Rachel has begun to attract attention and is now successfully selling her paintings across both the UK and abroad.