Richard White
An artist in residence - great fosters
Richard White lives and works in Suffolk and trained at Wimbledon School of Art and Northumbria University, Newcastle. During May and June he undertook a residency at Great Fosters and using the inpsiration of the grounds he produced a new body of work which is currently exhibited in the Estate Grill, Great Fosters, until 22nd October, 2014.
His work shows a focus on foliage with concentration on structure and shapes. He observes the way in which light falls through the leaves and the variety and complexity of  shapes that are subsequently created.

Richard's paintings have a tendency to be obsessive in their drawing and every shape is painted with all its subtleties. Colour becomes of ever increasing importance to distinguish the depth, light and shade and the hot and cold areas. The slightly extreme colours he uses in some paintings give them a somewhat surreal quality. Richard replaces realism with a detailed exploration of the natural world. Through form and colour he depicts a unified visual effect, which is both abstract and figurative. "My inspiration is drawn from watching the effects of sunlight on nature, whether it be foliage or water and capturing the reflections and distortions it plays upon that particular landscape."