South African born Sam Loggie studied Fine Art at The Johannesburg School of the Arts before settling in London.
Sam enjoyed sculpting as a serious hobby while forging a successful corporate career, which she left 7 years ago in order to take up sculpting as a profession. She studied at The Slade School of Art (UCL) and completed a course in Figurative Sculpture.

Her distinctive way of modelling the surface of the clay imbues her work with movement, character and sensitivity. Her specialization in strong female and male figurative bronzes are Classical in inspiration, but are also well suited to a contemporary environment.
Fascinated in particular by the masculine athletic form, many of Sam’s works reflect the mix of strength and vulnerability that she sees in the male physique. She is one of the few contemporary sculptors focusing on the masculine aesthetic today.

High profile collectors of her work span the globe, from New York to Dubai and we are delighted to be exhibiting a beautiful, new collection of Sam’s work at Life–the gallery.